Why should my business buy an 0345 number?

19th May 2017

By now most of the country is familiar with 03 numbers, they come in the form of 0333, 0345, 0344 and 0330. They can be dialled at local rate from landlines and are often included in any free monthly mobile minutes someone has on their contract. Still we get the question, why should we as a business get an 03 number? My response is normally the same; “do you want your customers to call you?”

0345 numbers have a huge amount of benefits over using a standard physical landline or the traditional 0845 option. Firstly they let you project a national presence, people will understand you’re a national business rather than just serving a specific local area. Second
ly lets say you move offices, you’re now stuck with the hassle of reprinting every single leaflet, and bit of headed paper and anything that your old number is printed on. When you get an 03 number, that number moves with you, anywhere you like. Even overseas.

On the other hand, why would you want to change your 0845 into the modern 0345? It all comes down to mobile callers, these days most mobile network providers block calls to 0845 numbers or at the very least charge a heavy premium (called an “Access Charge”) to c
onnect. By swapping to 0345 your customers can call you cheaply (or even totally free of charge), more calls means more business, who could say no to that.

Really it’s like Ofcom says, “the benefit of an 03 number is a company can have a single point of contact that customers know won’t carry an additional charge”.  The benefits to your image are obvious: people will see you’re an established national company that want them to get in touch.

On top of all of this we’re one of the only service providers that offer your unlimited incoming calls completely free of charge.
So don’t hesitate put in an enquiry for an 03 number today and find a number that suits you. Call us FREE, on 0800 357 622 today.

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