Why are 0800 Numbers So Good for Business?

29th September 2020

Whether you’ve needed to make plenty of calls to various companies in the past, or if you’ve been running your own firm for a while, it’s likely you know the power of a good phone number. Sure – it’s really convenient to use a mobile number for the first few months of business, but what happens when your client base really starts to grow? It’s likely you’re going to need to set up something that’s pretty unique for your needs. Have you ever thought about setting up your own 0800 number?

0800 numbers for business have been hugely popular for a long time. That effect has never really gone away! But what is it about these numbers that remain so popular with business owners and customers alike? Let’s take a closer look at why getting into 0800 numbers for business might just be the best step you take next.

Great for Customers

Let’s think about things from your customers’ perspective. They’re going to need a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to speak to you if they need help and guidance. That much is to be expected. Therefore, how much more cost-effective can you get than with an 0800 number? 0800s are freephone numbers, meaning that your callers will never have to pay a penny when they dial through to you. This is a great idea if you are really looking to appeal to the right people.

You might not think that free calls are likely to do much for your public image, but you might be surprised! 0800 freephone numbers for business not only help to cut down on your callers’ phone bills, but also give the fantastic impression that you genuinely care about your callers – and you really should, in any case!

Therefore, while you can set up the fanciest or flashiest marketing campaigns to really drive custom, one of the first things you should do is to set up an 0800 freephone number. This, from the get-go, lets customers know that you are willing to clear their calls for them – and that it’s always going to be free to get in touch.

Great for You

The popular counter-argument to this is, of course, that footing the bills for all your customer calls is likely to add up. It’s only reasonable that many people come to this conclusion! After all, especially in the early days of running a business, you’re going to need to keep a close eye on everything you’re spending money on. That’s money you could be using to grow your business in other ways – surely?

Not at all. In fact, investing in your callers’ charges is going to be one of the best ways you can make your corporate account grow. Numbersales offers a range of 0800 numbers for business which are available on a highly affordable basis. You only ever have to pay for the number of minutes or calls you’d like to receive. It’s always really easy to stay topped up, and what’s more, it won’t work in the same way as a standard phone bill. We will always make sure that you keep control of what you’ve paid for, and that you have access to the best value rates on these numbers moving forward.

The idea that paying for customers’ calls is expensive really isn’t true. Just look at our rates, packages and deals to learn more – it really couldn’t be simpler!

That Professional Look

We also need to consider 0800 numbers for business as being more than just routes through to free support. How many firms and companies have you called in the past carry an 0800 prefix? At the very least, they will normally have an 0345 number which is just as reasonable. However, an 0800 number gives off a completely different impression.

It gives off the impression that you are a fixed, professional service. 0800 numbers aren’t just reserved for everybody – they are available to established businesses! That, at least, is the impression you are always likely to give to anyone who wants to get in touch with you. It might seem a little odd, but this is psychology which genuinely works, time after time.

Therefore, one of the best ways you can really cement yourself in the eyes of your callers is to establish an 0800 line. This is a professional business asset which will render callers’ queries completely free of charge, and what’s more, it will retain your image as one which is robust and trustworthy. What more could you possibly need from making that all-important first impression?

Arranging an 0800 Number for Business

Thanks to the emergence of virtual numbers in recent years, claiming your own 0800 number for business is now easier than ever before. All it takes is a quick chat with our team, as well as a glance through our packages and rates, and you will be good to go with a regular 0800 line rental service that you can rely on for the weeks and months to come. Simply set up a regular plan and you’ll always find it simple to manage your line and the calls you receive.
You can even tailor your business through your 0800 number. You can route calls to and even from your standard mobile or existing local office line with an 0800 appearing as a prefix or call sign. This way, you can always give the impression that you are fixed at a base with an 0800, even if you are on the road or out in the field.

Therefore, whether you are just starting out as a business owner or are struggling to get through that second or third year of growth, it’s time to reach out to an experienced firm with 0800 numbers and professional assets you can use to your advantage.

Check out Numbersales’ brilliant array of 0800 freephone packages online and do make sure to reach out to our team via phone if we can be of any assistance in any other way, shape or form!