Why an 0345 Number Encourages Calls to Your Business

12th January 2021

If you run your own business – whether via an office, a call centre, or simply through your own mobile phone – you will likely already know that there are a few options out there to help you encourage new customers to call and connect with you. You may even have thought about setting up your own unique business number! Have you ever thought about looking into an 0345 number for your business?

0345 numbers have become more and more popular over the years, and for good reason. While 0845s and 0800s are still really popular in their own right, and carry their own benefits, there are benefits to using an 0345 which you may not already have considered. Let’s take a look at why an 0345 could be the best option for your unique business number, especially when it comes to driving extra custom into your call centre.

0345s Are the New 0845s

Yes – 0845s are still around and do still serve plenty of purpose. They are fantastic for generating extra revenue for your business. However, when it comes to inspiring new clients and customers to call in, you’re going to need something a little more appealing to the everyday user.

After all, 0845s are still chargeable to the caller. 0345s were brought in a few years ago in light of concerns over premium lines. In fact, you may already have found that you now call services such as banks and building societies on 0345 numbers these days.

03s are charged at local and national rates, meaning that most people will normally find that calls to these lines are inclusive within their mobile minutes. Or, they will barely make a splash on their regular landline bills.

Therefore, you are immediately encouraging people to call you based on the fact that your line is cheap to ring!

It’s a Business Standard

When you set up an 0345 number of your own, you will be in great company. As mentioned, there are already plenty of banks and public businesses who use 0345s as their main points of contact.

An 0345 number is now associated with trustworthy, established business. Despite being one of the newest number prefixes around, 0345s are now widely seen as numbers that connect to big players in various industries.

If you really want to establish trust and confidence in your callers, then one of the first things you should absolutely do is choose an 0345 number. You’d be surprised at just how effective setting up this type of number can actually be!

It Beats a Mobile Number

Yes – using your own mobile number to run your calls and custom can be really simple to begin with, but in the long run, you’re going to need to think about upgrading to something a bit more professional. Growth is all about changing the way you show your business off, not just about taking on more work or employing more people.

Therefore, if you are looking to grow your company over the months and years to come, a really good place to start is likely to be setting up a professional number. Believe it or not, people are more likely to want to call a company or firm with a fixed business line or prefix, as opposed to calling up an everyday mobile.

It’s not just about proving that you can run a business effectively – it’s about appearing professional, too!

Get an 0345 Number Now!

Now really is the time to grab an 0345 number for your business. These lines are getting more and more popular, and as such, you should make a point of grabbing your own unique line from Numbersales as soon as you can. Call us and find out more!