Why 2019 Is The Time to Switch To VoIP

1st March 2019

VoIP technology is nothing new, but companies continue to experience new benefits from making the switch. If you’re considering whether this is for you in 2019, it is time to look at the reasons to why you should switch to a VoIP service and why so many have already.

Here at Numbersales.com we offer a hosted VoIP phone service where you could be slashing the cost of your company’s monthly phone bill by a massive 75% when switching from traditional PSTN phone networks.

You’ll not only be cutting down costs,  but also having more communication features! And call quality is now as clear or better as the old fixed lines you’ll be used to.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP is a service where all calls go via the internet instead of the wired phone networks. You are able to call anywhere in the world, just as normal, and anyone can call you.  The only difference is, these calls are made over an internet connection rather than a traditional phone line.

All you need is a regular broadband internet connection and an IP telephone and you’ll be able to make and receive calls anywhere. It’s that simple, just connect the IP telephone to our network via a regular Ethernet port and you’ll be are able to make free or very low cost telephone calls.

6 reasons why you should switch to VoIP

Tailored to your business’ needs

You can order as many VoIP numbers as you need and we can tailor the set up so that it matches your organisations system.

Receive your calls anywhere

Our hosted service enables you to receive calls anywhere that you can plug your VoIP handset in to the internet. You can also choose to integrate your mobile phone into your VoIP system, so if you are using mobiles you can tap into your VoIP via a simple app – anywhere you’d like.

Choose from our wide selection of handsets

 All you need is a new VoIP handset which plugs into your broadband’s Ethernet. You can get an office handset for each line or allocate some to your mobiles

Virtual switchboard services included as standard

We offer a comprehensive collection of call-handling and virtual PBX features with our VoIP system – such as voicemail, advanced call routing features, queuing, conferencing and more.

Ultra-flexible configurations

A VoIP phone number sends and receives all its calls via the internet, giving peerless call quality and an easy to expand network that’s totally flexible to your organisations changing needs.

Use your existing phone numbers

You can choose brand new numbers or keep your existing ones.

We can get a new hosted VoIP system up and running for your business in five days or less.  If would like to discuss switching to VoIP, then please call us free on 0800 357 622 or fill in the form here.