Virtual Phone Numbers ― Understanding the Basics

18th October 2019

We sell virtual phone numbers. Most of you know this. We would like to presume that most of you also understand what virtual phone numbers are but that is probably not true. More than likely, you have a basic idea of what the term ‘Virtual Number’ entails but you might not fully comprehend the concept.

And that is perfectly acceptable. You don’t have to understand virtual phone numbers to use them in your office. However, for those of you that care enough to explore the technology, virtual numbers are not that complicated. In fact, for the most part, this is all you need to know:

What Are They?

As their name suggests, virtual phone numbers are phone numbers. In other words, you can use them to call any person within the UK and beyond. They are relatively cheap, though that isn’t what sets them apart. Virtual numbers are called so because they are not associated with any specific phone line. Rather, they rely on the internet to perform their work.

What Are the Types?

Virtual numbers come in many forms. But if you were to categorise them, you would probably organise them under the ‘Geographic’ and ‘Non-Geographic’ umbrellas. Certain virtual numbers are geographic. This means that they are designed for use in a particular area of the UK.

As such, anyone who communicates with you over the phone can determine your location by simply studying your phone number. This appeals to business entities that need such information for tracking and marketing purposes.

Non-Geographic numbers have no association with any particular region. So you have no way of identifying the location of the caller. You can use geographic and non-geographic numbers with mobile phones and landlines.

Where They Come from

Where do people get virtual numbers? Well, some telecoms sell them to customers. But in many cases, companies prefer to transact with service providers that specialise in this field. If you already possess a traditional phone system, there are packages that will enable you to add virtual numbers to your pre-existing communication system.

However, if you don’t have a phone system, to begin with, you can always purchase a virtual phone system.

Why Buy Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual numbers are cost-effective, especially when you have to make long-distance calls. You don’t have to remain enslaved to the fluctuation in pricing that can plague the telecommunication arena every so often.

When it comes to business, you can also use virtual numbers to either acquire a local presence via geographical numbers or eliminate it altogether using non-geographical numbers. It all depends on your corporate strategy. Additionally, virtual numbers are ridiculously flexible.

Besides forwarding calls, creating queues, and configuring voicemails, you can take your virtual numbers with you wherever you go. They are not attached to particular devices. So you don’t have to change phone numbers just because you have relocated your offices.

If you are interested in getting a virtual number for your business, call us free on 0800 357 622 to find out more.