The Different Ways of Using Virtual Phone Numbers

1st November 2019

In the beginning, people were drawn to virtual numbers primarily for the forwarding function they offered. But these days, they have become the perfect virtual assistant, handling everything from voicemail to messaging.

Virtual phone numbers are becoming an integral part of modern life, cementing their presence in settings and circles such as the following:

At Home

When you mention virtual numbers, people immediately think about business. They presume that virtual numbers exist primarily as a means of easing communication in an office setting. However, plenty of households use virtual numbers these days, and for good reason.

In the past, the landline was the primary medium of communication in the average home. But these days, everyone has a mobile phone, not just the parents but their children as well. So those age-old fights that the landline would incite have all but faded.

And yet, virtual numbers are still relevant to the home. You can use this technology to create a family line, a single number associated with your household but which can be redirected to any mobile device in the house depending on the caller.

You can essentially streamline communication in your home without resorting to the use of landlines. The idea of using virtual numbers outside a business setting boggles most people’s minds but it is a viable option.

In Business

Yes, we just emphasised the fact that virtual numbers are not the sole domain of the business sector. But, ultimately, there is no better setting for deploying virtual numbers. This is because communication mechanisms in a business setting can be expensive.

And the simplest way to overcome these exorbitant costs is to use virtual numbers. This technology depends heavily on the cloud. As such, by adopting a virtual phone system, you can replicate the same efficiency in communication that much larger corporations enjoy at a fraction of the cost.

There is no expensive equipment or messy installation processes to contend with. Virtual numbers are the only sensible communication solution for the average business.

For Networking

Virtual numbers are amazing networking tools. This is because they are so disposable. Think about it. Most entrepreneurs spend a lot of time handing out business cards. But a lot of them do so with some trepidation.

This same anxiety manifests whenever they create a business website or an ad on social media. The idea of making their phone number available to every random stranger that might stumble upon it is a constant source of concern.

But that is only if you have a static number attached to a particular device. Virtual numbers give you far more control. Not only can you screen and block spammers with ease but changing virtual numbers is quite easy too. This gives your networking strategies a level of flexibility that is absent with ordinary numbers.

New Relationships

The concern mentioned above is also present in the dating scene. Most women and some men, even those desperate for a connection, are hesitant to hand their phone numbers out to potential mates. Handing someone your phone number is tantamount to slipping a collar around your neck and handing them the leash.

It is a risk that many individuals are rarely willing to take. A virtual number will permit you to maintain your privacy. Again, besides blocking annoying callers, changing virtual numbers is easy.

Along with the anonymity they can offer and the capabilities they provided to the overwhelmed entrepreneur who must perform so many tasks on their own, virtual phone numbers are versatile tools that can deliver a multitude of benefits in a variety of settings.

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