Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Business

9th May 2016

Marketing your business can often feel like a minefield. To alleviate some of the stresses and unknowns, we’ve created a list of our top 10 tips!

  1. Don’t advertise your product or service – okay, so we don’t mean that literally. We mean you need to advertise how it will help the intended user, rather than simply what it does.
  1. Be contactable – make sure your intended audience has a variety of methods to contact you; clearly displayed telephone numbers, email addresses and social media links are always well received.
  1. Don’t limit yourself – it’s good to have your fingers in multiple pies; try running adverts across different platforms and in different areas to measure their effectiveness. Our Virtual City Numbers are perfect for this!
  1. Be prolific – if you don’t advertise often enough or actively entice people to view your promotional material you’ll fall off their radar. Create a blog, employ the services of a copywriter and share your informative posts often (but not too often) on your social media channels. Learn about Twitter Hours and don’t forget your hashtags!
  1. Join in on business hours – there are a whole host of different business hours on Twitter (also known as Twitter Hours) where businesses can advertise their products, get involved in discussions and network until their heart’s content!
  1. Get involved with discussions – people don’t like being sold to all the time. Get involved in online discussions and offer help and advice. If you appear genuine, trustworthy and helpful, people will be more inclined to buy from you!
  1. Run competitions or giveaways – everyone loves a freebie! Running a competition is a great way to gain exposure whilst reaching a wider audience – everybody wins!
  1. Offer referrals – word of mouth is often the most effective form of marketing. By incentivising referrals, you’re increasing your chances of new business! Think ‘10% off for you and a friend’.
  1. Measure its effectiveness – use different contact numbers or landing pages for different regions/marketplaces to see which adverts have been effective and which haven’t; NumberSales has a large range of numbers that you can take advantage of cheaply and effectively.
  1. Join online directories – there are lots of cheap or free online directories where you can advertise your business; this as another great, economical way for customers to discover your amazing business! Make sure you include lots of juicy keywords!

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