Top 10 Easy Tips To Keep Your Customers Happy

18th May 2016

Happy customers are profitable customers, but how can you keep your customers happy all of the time? We’ve made a short list of our top 10 easy tips…

1. Always be contactable – nobody likes a never ending dial tone or an answer machine. With Live Call Answering you’ll never miss another call and your customers will always be able to talk to a real person.

2. Show them you care – by getting involved and replying to your customers on social media it shows that you have your ‘finger on the pulse’, you’re interested in what they have to say and you care about customer satisfaction.

3. Keep it free – by offering an 0800 number to customers in the UK and an International Toll Free Number to those further afield, your customers will happily pick up the phone and call you because it won’t cost them a penny!

4. Ask for feedback – most customers are more than willing to tell you where you can improve, and this information can be invaluable nuggets of gold! Use this feedback to improve and eradicate future hiccups for an ever-improving customer service.

5. Give them the ‘local’ feel – people like doing business with other people, not huge multinationals. By creating a local feel with virtual city numbers your customers will be more inclined to do business with you.

6. Reward with discounts – thanks to the bundles of money you’ve saved through NumberSales, you’ll be able to offer amazing discounts and rewards to all of your loyal customers!

7. The customer is always right – it might sound like a cliché, but it’s true! In business it’s always best to deal with your customer under the pretence they’re right, and rectify any issue they have immediately, without any fuss.

8. Gratitude and politeness goes further than you might think – by showing your appreciation for their custom, you will create a healthy business relationship that will help no-end; think referrals and repeat custom.

9. Make your customers’ experience exciting – if you make the entire customer experience exciting, including from the very beginning when the customer finds out about your business, right through to purchasing from you and receiving their product or service, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you again in the future.

10. Don’t forget the ‘WOW’ factor – if you under sell and over deliver, or you include an unexpected freebie or a free upgrade, your customers will feel special because they have received more than they expected, no matter how small the gesture.

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