The Benefits of Voicemail for Your Business

16th August 2019

By now, most of you understand the importance of crafting a professional voicemail greeting. You also probably know how to keep your greetings succinct and unique.

But maybe you don’t understand why we even bother including the feature in any of our marketing. After all, in this day and age, does voicemail even matter to the average business?

Those questions are nothing new, and they prove that some business owners and administrators do not understand customers or even business in general, at least not as well as they should.

We know that voicemail sounds like a luxury at the moment. But you need to realise that the service is just as important as any other aspect of your phone system.

Voicemail can benefit the average business in so many ways, for instance:

Customer Preference

This is going to sound wrong because you probably think that most employees use voicemail to avoid phone engagements with customers. However, the truth is that a significant portion of consumers prefers to leave voicemail messages.

Voicemail messages provide consumers an opportunity to fully express themselves, as they can run on for several minutes, possibly even an hour. So your clients have all the leeway to say everything they want without interruption.

If you don’t have voicemail, then you are missing out on a crucial avenue through which you can collect detailed consumer feedback.

Customer Retention

Voicemail will help you retain your customers. The easiest way to lose clients is to either miss their calls or to put them on hold. In fact, most consumers will tell you that nothing infuriates them more than being put on hold, especially when they have other business to attend to.

But this is the beauty of voicemail. You don’t have to put anyone on hold. If none of your people is available to pick up the phone, voicemail allows the client to leave a message and then hang up. This way, they are less likely to feel neglected, especially if your voicemail greeting assures them that you will call them back.


Voicemail gives you time to find solutions to the problems your clients present. Even the best receptionist can’t know everything, and sometimes consumers present a challenge that is so complicated you often look and feel like a fool when you ultimately fail to provide an answer there and then.

But voicemail eliminates that particular issue. Once a client leaves a message, you can take your time finding a solution before calling them back. This protects your reputation and makes you appear more capable than you might actually be.


Voicemails are easy to access. You don’t have to be in the office or to come into physical contact with the communication device your client called to access the message they left.

With our services, you can access your voicemails using any device that has an internet connection. So you can listen to your customer’s messages at your leisure.


If your business has just started and you lack the financial strength to hire a receptionist, voicemail will allow you to survive without one. The voicemail feature will capture any calls you fail to catch. You can then call your clients back when time allows.

We are not encouraging you to do the work of a receptionist on top of all your other duties. You can’t run your company by yourself. However, if budgetary constraints force you to make do without a receptionist, you can rely on voicemail to give you a helping hand.

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