Route incoming calls by the callers location

13th July 2016

It’s not always practical to talk to a company’s HQ; sometimes your customers need to talk to the staff in your local branch. Whether they need to arrange a parcel-pickup from their local depot, sort out an issue with a member of staff locally to them or if talking to a company’s HQ hundreds of miles away simply isn’t practical for whatever reason, the last thing they’ll want to do is waste valuable time going through automated option after automated option.

Save time, save money, save resources…

Wouldn’t it be great if every caller was automatically transferred to their local branch each time they called, without having to trundle through options and various receptionists? It could save your callers many minutes of wasted time, reduce pressure on your staff, reduce costs thanks to the reduced need for dedicated call centre staff and of course provide your customers with the service they deserve!

Talk to the right person

Area Call Zone Routing instantaneously detects where a call is coming from and seamlessly transfers the caller to their local branch. This means they can discuss their call with someone who understands the local area and can quickly and easily deal with any issue or talk to someone who is able to advise them on specific circumstances that affect the locality, such as a stores opening hours or other local information.

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