Myths and Facts About 0800 Numbers You Need to Know

20th October 2020

Trends in corporate and business numbers are always likely to come and go. That’s why there are often so many different choices out there! However, it’s sometimes easy to fall into the trap of believing that what works for one business, is always going to work for you. For example, in some cases, business owners can believe that 0800 numbers are actually harmful to their cause – and that they are no longer as popular as they once were.

This is a myth – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 0800 numbers are hugely appealing to customers in ways we’ll explore here in this post, and what’s more, they are actually more cost-effective now than ever before.

Let’s take a look at a few important truths worth remembering about 0800 numbers that you might not have considered before.

FACT: Customers LOVE 0800 Numbers

There’s a clear and obvious reason for why callers love dialling 0800s more than other numbers, but it bears repeating. They are free to call!

By setting up an 0800 number for your business, you are immediately taking away the annoying hassle for your callers to have to shell out for a support call. Why should they be penalised for calling when they need help?

Therefore, it stands to reason that in many case, you will likely catch more interest through a free number than through a tariff-inclusive one. This might not always be the case, but it stands to reason that a new business can do much worse than make things cost-effective for callers from the off.

FACT: 0800 Numbers are Professional

There’s also the fact that 0800s immediately appear more professional than most. But why is this? It’s likely to do with the fact that most people will associate 0800s with businesses. This may be through TV or print advertising, or even catchy radio jingles. However, the point stands – that a business with an 0800 number is one that you can be confident in. If you have the products and services to impress the populace, why not lead with a professional number?

It may surprise you how much of a difference a professional number will actually make to your client base growth as well as your revenue. Ultimately, if you are running a professional business, it stands to reason that you are going to attract bigger clients with an 0800 line than you are with a standard mobile number!

Therefore, if you are in the process of setting up a business for the first time, it might just be worth setting up an 0800 number alongside to really imprint that great first impression. Trust us on this – we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and owners expand their revenues and bases.

FACT: 0800 Numbers are More Affordable Than Ever

Of course, inflation exists, but the fact is, 0800 numbers are available now on a more flexible basis, meaning that financing for them is no longer a case of you having to find extensive room in your budget. With Numbersales, you can simply choose how many minutes you’d like to fund each period. This means that you are always going to have control over what you pay for. This is always a good thing, especially when you are in the position of paying for all calls that your clients make.

The idea of having to pay for customer calls can, in some cases, put business owners off setting up 0800s in the first place. This is a real shame – as they will more than pay for themselves in the long run. Consider the boost to revenue and client base you could experience just by bringing your call charges down to zero! You have the potential to clear your 0800 number charges very quickly indeed – and it’s one of the best reasons to invest in this service in the modern age.

FACT: 0800 Numbers Show You Care

As well as being free to call and showing that you are running a professional service, setting up an 0800 number actually demonstrates that you care for your customers’ needs. This, again, goes into a little bit of the caller psychology side of things. Therefore, when someone sees that you have an 0800 number, they are likely to find you appealing – you’re offering to pay for their calls! In a world where many businesses still make money from incoming rates, this might actually be pretty refreshing for some customers. Therefore, why not take the chance?

0800 numbers have long been the standard as far as appealing, professional businesses are concerned. There’s no sign of them going anywhere any time soon, and if you can show your customers more support before they even get in touch with you, it is all the more beneficial to you in the long run!

FACT: 0800 Numbers are Flexible

One of the best reasons for investing in 0800 numbers in the modern age lies in the fact that they are so flexible. As mentioned, you’ll be able to set up a package where you only ever pay for the calls that you need. Tied in with a managed VoIP service, you’ll be able to set up and change your number as you wish, and if you’d like to switch to a virtual geographical number, you can.

With a modern 0800 number, you can run your professional line from anywhere in the UK. This means that you are never tied into any kind of physical office location. In a day and age where people are becoming more flexible in their working endeavours, it makes sense that they should follow up with a flexible business number, too!

With Numbersales, you’ll be able to set up a physical, flexible telephone number that gives your callers the access to your services they need without any extra costs. Why not show your callers that you genuinely care? Don’t tie yourself down to numbers and services which simply cause you and your clients extra headaches.

Get in touch with Numbersales to learn more about 0800 numbers for business now!