How Do Virtual Numbers Actually Work?

20th November 2020

When it comes to running any kind of business in the modern age, flexibility is essential. Not only should you be running a fantastic quality of care and line of products, you should make sure that your customers and callers can get in touch with you as flexibly as possible. But when you’re dealing with fixed offices and telephone lines, how easy is this to actually do? Not all businesses and offices are going to be open 24/7 – though the demand for owners to expand their services in such a way is always growing.

If you’re in the process of expanding your business, flexibility should be one of your first tick-boxes to check. You may already have heard of a phenomenon regarding virtual numbers, too – but what are they? Why should you invest in a virtual number instead of a physical line at your HQ? In this quick guide, we’re going to explore what virtual numbers are, how they work, and why your own business might benefit from setting them up for your own needs.

What Are Virtual Numbers?

As you can imagine, these are numbers which are non-physical. This means that instead of relying on a phone number that’s fixed at any given site or part of the country, you have a line that’s run on a completely virtual basis. This might sound perplexing, but it’s simpler than you might imagine. What’s more, a virtual number is always likely to be more manageable and easier to arrange than a physical line.

A virtual number gives you lots of free reign. In this day and age, pinning yourself down is never a good idea. However, you can use virtual numbers to choose a location you’d like to expand into – for example, it’s increasingly popular for growing businesses to choose virtual numbers with London prefixes, just so that they have access to other firms and clients in the capital.

But that’s not the only reason why virtual numbers are so popular in the modern age. Let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

Off-Site Control

The ‘virtual’ in ‘virtual numbers’ means that you’re not having to wrangle with a physical line or prefix. This means that your number and telephony service is, essentially, run through the cloud, and off-site. At Numbersales, this means that our team runs your line completely out of your office, meaning that there’s no need for you to worry about managing it yourself. It also means that you won’t have to tie yourself to one or two given offices.

This is likely to be very appealing to entrepreneurs and sole traders, for example, who might be running their firms on flexible or remote bases. Recent trends show that remote and home working have never been more popular. Therefore, it makes sense to take up a virtual number so that you can benefit from a physical number, while being able to manage your calls on the go.

Virtual numbers are controlled off-site, but that doesn’t mean you lose any kind of power or oversight yourself. You call the shots. Numbersales has set up a flexible and appealing array of virtual number services to help keep your operations as fluid as possible.

A Business Out of the Box

Many modern entrepreneurs and small business owners are choosing virtual numbers as a way of helping to build their businesses ‘out of the box’. Previously, setting up any kind of business required all kinds of different administration and setup demands. While running a business is still very demanding in plenty of ways, it’s easier now than ever to get up and running within a day or two.

Setting up a virtual number removes the need for you to source a physical location, as well as to negotiate any kind of line rental or even ground rent contract. By setting up a virtual number, you can make sure that you have a professional line people can call you on even if you are out in the field, or even working from home.

In an age where people are setting up businesses from their back bedrooms – and where this kind of enterprising is hugely encouraged – it makes sense to have flexible, manageable virtual services to fall back on. The fact is, setting up and managing your own business lines can be difficult if you’re in formal contracts with BT and the like.

Numbersales will help set up a virtual number that’s unique to you, and which you can use to route calls through to your mobile or other lines as desired. Take the hassle of getting your comms set up from the word go!

Will Virtual Numbers Replace Physical Numbers?

It’s pretty safe to say that virtual numbers are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons! However, there are always going to be reasons for physical numbers to still be popular with the masses. Physical offices still have their place in the modern age, especially for those larger businesses or established brands.

However, it’s still a really good idea to start considering virtual numbers for your business if you really want to keep up with the flexibility of your competition. As we advance further into the New 20s, you will likely find that other companies and services in your industry start moving towards more virtual means, too.

However, you should really be focusing on your customers! Setting up any kind of virtual number for your business will establish with your customers and callers that you have a physical base in the UK. You’ll be able to show that you have an office of sorts, even if yours is always on the move! There’s also the argument that a professional number is likely to be better for growing your business than, say, a mobile number on its own. But that’s a topic for a different blog post!

Consider setting up your own virtual number today – take a look at our packages here at Numbersales or reach out to our team via helpline as soon as you’re ready!