Benefits of 0345 Numbers

25th October 2019

Believe it or not, 0345 numbers are a relatively recent invention. Today, they are typically associated with government organisations and businesses. Government departments and businesses also favour 0800 numbers which are free to call.

0800 numbers were first introduced by British Telecom, back in 1985. And their popularity is easy enough to understand. The fact that they are free to call means that customers are more likely to use them. This gives businesses an incentive to offer them.

Some people think that 0800 numbers were the primary point of contact offered by companies before 0345 numbers entered the picture. But that isn’t true. Before 2014, even though they could offer 0800 numbers, businesses chose to market 0845 numbers instead. If you have never heard of them, the pence per minute rates associated with 0845 numbers are now rather pricey compared to calling other number types.

In fact, 0345 numbers were introduced specifically as a means of saving customers from the costs attached to 0845. For a time, businesses had the option of either offering 0345 numbers or sticking with the more expensive 0845 option.

But then, a law was passed in 2014 prohibiting companies from offering 0845 numbers as customer service lines. The government went so far as to give customers the power to sue any organisation that proceeded to offer 0845 or even 0870 numbers.

Today, 0345 numbers have become the primary point of contact for many companies. And while they were essentially strong-armed into adopting them, most businesses now appreciate the benefits that 0345 numbers offer, for instance:

0345 Numbers Are Non-Geographical

With 0345 numbers, there is no need to limit your operations to the confines of a local town, city or region. 0345 numbers are not associated with any geographical location. As such, they enable companies to operate on a national scale, expanding their reach and tapping into new markets.

0345 Numbers Simplify Marketing

The fact that these numbers are non-geographical means that you can promote the same business line to customers in every region of the UK. There is no need to create separate business lines for every location in which you operate.

You can streamline your communication mechanisms by using the same line to receive calls from every customer regardless of their location. This, in turn, enables you to streamline your marketing strategies.

Relocating? Take Your Number with You

Relocating your offices from one region to another doesn’t mean changing phone numbers. Because 0345 numbers are non-geographical, your customers will never know that you shifted in the first place. You don’t even have to worry about issues like number porting. Wherever you are, you can continue receiving phone calls as though nothing has changed.

0345 Numbers Are Affordable

0845 numbers once appealed to businesses because they were so cheap to own. However, callers began to dislike them as they saw the cost of making phone calls to other number types reduce. 0800 numbers, on the other hand, appeal to customers because they are free to call. But companies have to foot the bill, a factor that some of them do not appreciate.

0345 numbers provide the perfect balance between the two. They cost the same as ordinary 01 and 02 numbers. You can also use your free minutes to call 0345 numbers. This is a good deal for customers which encourages them to call businesses. Businesses are also not losing any money. Basically, everyone wins.