6 Reasons why a call answering service will benefit your business

13th August 2017

It can be difficult running a small business. Particularly if you’re often busy and aren’t able to answer all of your telephone calls as they come in, potentially missing valuable business.

With a live call answering service, a friendly operative will take your incoming calls – either just the ones you can’t get to, or all of them (it’s up to you!) and then send you details of the call – either by email or text.

Telephone Answering Service

This can help create a better perception of your business, to have your calls answered in an office with a crisp, clear line (which of course, you may not get if you take business calls on your mobile, for example!). A professional receptionist answers as if they work for your business, and either forwards the call to you, or informs the customer of your availability, takes a message and lets you know that they called.

Key benefits:

  1. Much, much cheaper than employing a full time receptionist…
  2. …and eliminates the headache of hiring!
  3. Ensures calls are answered promptly and courteously…
  4. …You’ll never miss an important call again!
  5. Ideal for unexpected staff shortages, holidays or sickness.
  6. Free up your time to work on other commitments: Increase productivity.

Rather than send the calls you cannot answer to voicemail (or worse still, and engaged tone!) a telephone answering service will bring that extra aura of professionalism to your business: Ask yourself – how many times have you simply hung up when hearing a voicemail greeting?

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